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Protect Your Home For Less Than $10

Last week I met with a home inspector that showed me how using CAULK could prevent a home owner from many costly repairs.  A tube of caulk costs about $5 and comes in many different colors and could prevent thousands of dollars in repairs.  We went through a home and he showed me 6 places home owners should be sure to use it.  Check out the list below:

  • Kitchen Sink – Caulk around the faucet and where the sink connects to the counter top.  This will prevent leaking.
  • Toilet – Caulk around the bottom of toilet to prevent leaking and moisture getting in the flooring.  Especially if you have bathrooms on the second floor this can cause damage to the first floor ceiling and moisture/mold in the air venting.
  • Tub/Shower- Similar to the toilet, caulking around the bottom of the shower pan, and tub will prevent leaks to below.  Also caulking around the shower handle and shower head will prevent water getting behind the tile and causing a very pricey job to re-tile.
  • Windows – Caulk around the interior and exterior of the window to improve energy efficiency and prevent moisture from damaging around the window sill.
  • Exterior Doors – Similar to windows, caulk the interior and exterior of doors for energy efficiency and prevent moisture from damaging the door frame.
  • Cracking – Caulk and repaint any interior or exterior cracking from settlement.  Doing this will help prevent the spread of the cracking and prevent moisture from entering the cracks.  If water gets behind an exterior crack a home owner may need to re-stucco the entire side of the home.

I love helping homeowners maintain the value of their home and save money on repairs.  Hope these tips are helpful!  Use this link for additional information to improve your caulking skills:

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